This is the end.


In the beginning of the year I was writing about big blog make-overs, about reinventing myself and my space on the internet.

Believe it or not, this is exactly what I’ve been doing.

It just didn’t turn out as expected.

While going through ideas of what I want this blog to be, I realised that I don’t really want this blog to be anything anymore. It’s time to let go.


1. I’m not Laura in Wonderland anymore

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still called Laura (d’uh) and I’m definitely still in Wonderland, aka traveling and living all over the place. But I’m just not the person I was three years ago when I started traveling. The Laura who solo-traveled through India was so scared and was just starting to learn what it meant to be brave, to leave her comfort zone, to live life on her own terms. The one who had her first apartment in Bangkok was so lost and had nothing figured out, yet was so excited to eventually find her way somehow. The one who cycled 3000km from Thailand to China was in desperate search for freedom. The one who returned home found that she hadn’t been ready to do so. A part of me will always be Laura in Wonderland. I’m still pretty lost. But I’ve got a few things figured out now. I’m still in search of freedom, but my idea of freedom has changed. I’ve grown up a bit and I’m starting to see the path that lies ahead of me.

2. I’m not alone anymore.

For me, Laura in Wonderland  was about my adventure. About taking on the world alone. Ultimate freedom. About not changing my plans for anyone but myself.

And then something stupid happened. I accidentally fell in love. And this love grew stronger than the urge to travel alone, to be completely free of responsibilities. It somehow grew into a deep understanding that we can be free together. And so I’m not traveling solo anymore. I’ve found my travel partner.

3. I needed to make space for something new

This is not the end of my blogging days. I’m working on a new project. I’ve bought the domain and everything is scheduled to go online on June 1st. It will be different. But in a good way. There will soon be a newsletter you can sign up for to be the first to know when it goes online. And social media. Until then, stay patient & keep traveling.

Laura in wonderland will stay online for now. I will probably import (&edit) some of the my posts and recycle them on the new blog, because there are some memories I’m not ready to let go of. And just so you know, it breaks my heart to say good-bye to this blog. But I know, it’s time to let go now. 

2015: New Year, New Blog?

makeover2014 has treated me well. Really well. It has been a year of change in so many ways. I quit smoking, left Switzerland to move to Nepal, didn’t move to Nepal at all, moved to China instead, got a new job, quit that job, got another job….I could go on forever. So much has happened this year and I can’t believe it was just one year. Did I really hitchhike to Thailand? (And don’t even get me started on last year. What I cycled to China LAST YEAR? No way!)

All this exciting stuff that happened had an impact on me. I changed as a person. I grew up a bit. I allowed myself to become myself again.

That’s why, I want this blog to change as well. It’s my blog after all, so it should grow with me, right?

One of the reasons I didn’t really blog these past 6 months or so, was that I felt disconnected to my blog. (Wow that makes me sound like a weirdo.) I don’t like the design anymore. Or the categories. So it’s time for a change.

By the end of January I will relaunch with a new design. I got tons of new ideas and visions of what I want this blog to become. And trust me, it will be awesome!

Why the end of January, why not now? Because I’m going on holiday now and no way am I taking my lap top to the beach! Yeah, I’m going to Thailand to be a lazy beach bum for 10 days. Because I deserve it. Because everyone deserves to be a lazy beach bum at least once a year!

So bear with me and let’s make 2015 an amazing year full of positive changes!